Figure 8 Coil, Liquid Cooling, Angulated


Optimize TMS sessions with the Angulated Figure 8 Coil, integrating liquid cooling for maximum efficiency and precision. Ideal for in-depth brain stimulation.


The Figure 8 Coil with Liquid Cooling and an Angulated design represents the forefront of TMS coil technology. This coil, specifically crafted for the Brain Ultimate TMS systems, features an innovative angulated design tailored to closely fit the contours of the human skull. This design ensures more efficient and targeted brain stimulation, making it particularly effective for deeper brain areas. Its state-of-the-art liquid cooling mechanism maintains optimal temperature, allowing for continuous use without overheating. This enhances both the safety and durability of the coil, making it an invaluable tool for extensive neuropsychiatric therapies. Ideal for varied treatments, the angulated coil is a top choice for professionals seeking precision in TMS procedures.