Brain Ultimate TMS M-Series

Understanding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive and painless method of brain stimulation. It works by directing a magnetic field pulse through the skull, where it’s transformed back into electrical energy in the underlying brain tissue. TMS can both depolarize and hyperpolarize cortical neurons. Beyond the immediate stimulation area, TMS can also influence cortical and subcortical structures connected synaptically. Importantly, the neurophysiological changes induced by these magnetic fields can endure beyond the stimulation period.

M-Series Ultimate TMS Device Features

Our TMS systems adhere to international safety standards, undergoing rigorous inspections to earn certifications such as CE, TGA, and CFDA Registered.

We are FDA cleared for treating MDD and our systems come with built-in protocols.

Cutting-Edge Cooling:

Our TMS systems offer game-changing cooling technology.

Witness the power of our Liquid Cooled Systems: Designed for all-day stimulation.

Safety Features:

  • Overheat protection: auto-stop triggered at 42℃.
  • Continuous monitoring of liquid level, temperature, and operational status.
  • Enhanced patient data security with dongle authorization.

Efficient Positioning:

  • Positioning cap aligned with EEG 10-20 system for defined brain regions.
  • Built-in coil position maps in the software.
  • Flexible coil arm.
  • Coil includes single pulse and intensity adjusting buttons for swift motor threshold measurements.

User-Friendly Design:

  • Comprehensive software eliminates the need for an external PC.
  • Five hot keys for frequently used protocols.
  • Supports high-frequency stimulation up to 100Hz.
  • Built-in trigger in/out interface.

Quickstim Software: Simplifying data management

  • Effortless patient file creation and saving.
  • Protocol creation and access to saved protocols.
  • Built-in protocols informed by global guidelines and evidence-based literature.
  • Comprehensive patient TMS treatment history.
  • One-click report generation, printing, and exporting.
  • Cloud Connectivity

Experience Our Technology Firsthand

Witness the revolutionary technology of our TMS devices. We offer live demos, tailored to showcase the capabilities most relevant to your needs.

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