Cooling Technology in Brain Ultimate TMS

Intelligent Liquid-Cooling Circulation System

Our state-of-the-art liquid-cooling circulation system integrates an intelligent control module, a liquid-cooled coil, specialized coolant, a cooling-cycle unit, and a robust power supply. Leveraging a specialized liquid as the coolant, this system benefits from rapid temperature transmission, non-conductivity, excellent fluidity, and effective cooling capabilities. The system’s design, comprising a compact oil pump and tank, facilitates continuous circulation of the fluid between the coil and the tank. This approach ensures minimized interference, consistent performance, reduced radiation, cost-efficiency, and quiet operation.

Our coil, designed for optimization, is constructed from solid copper materials. An innovative oil cooling technique effectively addresses heat radiation challenges, ensuring continuous coil operation.

Key Features:

  • Highly Effective Cooling: Our patented technology ensures the non-heating coil operates seamlessly for 24 hours.
  • Safety: The external circulation employs a closed system, eliminating risks of liquid leakage, electric shock, or burns.
  • Durability: The system is resistant to electrolysis, corrosion, and blockages.
  • Low Maintenance: Our in-house coolant seldom requires replacements or top-ups.
  • User-friendly Coil Replacement: Users can effortlessly replace the coil when necessary.
  • Smart Monitoring: Automated monitoring of temperature, circulatory volume, and circulatory state guarantees device efficiency.

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