Figure 8 Coil, Liquid Cooling, Flat


Enhance TMS therapy with the Flat Figure 8 Coil, featuring advanced liquid cooling for consistent, safe, and effective stimulation. A key to precise neuromodulation.


The Figure 8 Coil with Liquid Cooling and a Flat design is an integral component of the Brain Ultimate TMS system. This coil is specifically engineered to provide deep and focused brain stimulation with enhanced precision. Its flat configuration allows for a more comfortable and effective application on various head shapes. The advanced liquid cooling technology ensures consistent performance, even during prolonged treatments, by effectively managing heat. This feature not only extends the coil’s lifespan but also maximizes patient safety. Compatible with the Brain Ultimate M-100 TMS, this coil is ideal for treating a range of neuropsychiatric disorders, offering clinicians a reliable and efficient tool for targeted brain stimulation.