rTMS Protocols

TMS Protocols for MDD

19-minute Protocol

This protocol is performed at 120% of motor threshold. The train(s) consist of 40 pulses: 10 pulses a second for a total of 4 seconds, followed by a break of 11.0 seconds. This is repeated 75 times. The total duration is 18 minutes 26 seconds, and the total number of pulses is 3000.

Parameters Values
Stimulation type Biphasic
Stimulus amplitude (% of MT) 120
Pulse frequency in train (Hz) 10
Pulses in train 40
Number of trains 75
Intertrain interval(s) 11.0
Total time 00:18:26
Total pulses 3000

37-minute Protocol

Parameters Values
Magnetic field intensity 120% of the MT
Frequency 10 Hz
Train duration 4 sec
Inter-train interval 26 sec
Number of trains 75
Magnetic pulses per session 3000
Treatment session duration ~37.0 min
Sessions/wk 5
Treatment schedule 5 daily sessions for 6 weeks
Area of brain to be stimulated Left Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex