The TMS Robotic Arm by Brain Ultimate

Precision Stimulation with the TMS Robotic Arm

Developed by Yingchi, the TMS Robotic Arm represents cutting-edge technology in transcranial magnetic stimulation. This state-of-the-art arm seamlessly integrates the NDI near-infrared navigation system, an intelligent machine tracking system, and the TMS system. Designed for automated precision, the robotic arm accurately places the coil over the target brain region and initiates treatment. Throughout the stimulation, it actively tracks the target, auto-adjusting coil positioning to counteract any head movements and ensure the coil remains precisely aligned with the stimulation target.

Neuronavigation System

Equipped with the NDI high-resolution optical camera, our navigation system boasts an impressive accuracy of up to 0.25mm. By importing individual MRI/CT scans into the system, operators can swiftly identify stimulation targets. This is facilitated by the neuronavigation software’s intelligent segmentation, matching, fusion, and three-dimensional reconstruction capabilities. A combined visual representation of anatomical and functional MRI data, alongside a transparent coil frame model, streamlines and enhances the TMS navigation and stimulation process.

Superior Accuracy in Action

In the realm of computer-assisted surgery (CAS), precision is paramount. The Polaris Spectra system and Polaris Vicra position sensor ensure unparalleled data accuracy in Rapid Impact. Should an impact jeopardize measurement accuracy, the sensor activates an immediate alert. To further enhance user confidence, NDI offers an additional Accuracy Assessment Kit (AAK). Comprising precision evaluation tools and supporting software, the AAK facilitates quick and easy sensor accuracy assessments. Post-assessment, users receive a comprehensive report detailing the evaluation.

Position Sensor Mechanism

Utilizing trackers and pointers equipped with markers, the system captures infrared signals emitted by the camera. This information is processed to compute the exact spatial positioning of both the coil and head, ensuring unparalleled accuracy during treatment.

TMS Robotic Arm's Advanced Navigation System

The robotic arm’s tracking system sets a new industry standard with its repeated positioning accuracy reaching an astounding 0.01mm. Built on a CNC control core, the system employs a sophisticated internal six-revolute joint robot algorithm and top-tier software. Digital communication controls both the servo driver and I/O, reducing wiring complexity and bolstering noise resistance.